Not only beginners but also experienced MTB riders can hire a teacher who can firmly upgrade the existing biking knowledge in a day or two.

Jumping, proper braking, turning or driving over wooden objects are just some of the elements that we teach in our MTB school. With quality learning of the basic riding skills, we plan to avoid later mistakes and unnecessary injuries. Once the correct riding technique is conquered, you can easily use it alone during your MTB trips.

1. MTB course for individuals


+bike and safety harness

1-day course
105 EUR
150 EUR
2-day course
180 EUR
250 EUR
3-day course 
250 EUR
315 EUR

* The price of the course does not include the ticket for the bike park. You can choose the preferred bike park later on.

2. Special offer for groups and families

Please, send us an inquiry.

How do I make a reservation?

For additional information about the courses, please send us an email on or choose any of the other contact details.