Responsible Travel Policy

In Label company’s ethos, we strive towards sustainable tourism and traveling that promotes outside as a happy and healthy place. Our mission in spreading the outdoor lifestyle in Slovenia through organized outdoor adventure activities year-round.

Sustainability includes 3 pillars: social, environmental and economic one. In Label agency, our goal is not yet completely reached in all the 3 of them, as we always find new ways of improving our current work. Hard job, offering the best rewards.

Economic responsibility

Label employs only local professionals from different fields of the tourism sector. That way we promote opportunities for the local workforce, keep the know-how in the country and provide work experience for the youth who would, later on, want to make a career in tourism.

Our office is located in Ljubljana, Slovenian capital, and employs 3 professionals from local surroundings. One of them is a student and works through a student agency. In regard to our broader work, we also maintain excellent relationships with other local providers and suppliers in Slovenia. From transportation, accommodation and sports specific guidance, we try to encourage and support smaller businesses or individuals that are also trying to work their way in the tourism business. We know, first-hand, that understanding the strengths, weaknesses, and flexibility of every local venue and service provider is invaluable.

Environmental responsibility

We do know, that we live in a privileged country, where nature impresses us on every step we take. We feel it is our responsibility to preserve this clean environment and keep it wild for future generations. Fun fact: more than 60% of Slovenia is covered in forest! In spite of that, we also know we live in a digital world, where we do not print our brochures, but instead provide clients with PDF-s or other types of online documents directed to their e-mails. We also use electronic booking systems and really minimize printing. If we really need to print, we use recyclable materials whenever possible. Our office policy consists of recycling paper, plastic, glass, and food waste. Luckily for us, the diverse recycling bins can be found just about everywhere around Slovenia!

Also, during our tours, we bike or hike on marked roads only. All our tours are also number limited, that way we really strive to minimize the impact on the environment. We also tell our guests to not feed, hunt or in any way disturb the animals. We educate them about the special flora and fauna of that specific place. What is more, in the preparation time prior to holidays, we suggest them to bring refillable water bottles. Once in Slovenia, they can simply drink fresh water that can be found in springs all along our trip.

Finally, every year we help to organize a cleaning day of the Golovec bike trails around Ljubljana to help maintain the wild and clean sports environment for everyone.

Social responsibility

Working in tourism is also about sharing local culture and preserving local habits and traditions. In our tours, we try to include smaller towns and villages, that might not be that well-known, which gives them that extra added local value. We arrange business directly with local providers, avoiding unnecessary intermediates and giving the money to those who really benefit.

During the year, we also collaborate with different schools and organize nature sports days, so children can join and have a fun day in nature. We introduce them to various outside sports and basic survival techniques.

We are also active members of many charities including Redcross, UNICEF, local municipalities, climate round tables, etc.