Full service provider

We offer a personalized, individual-oriented array of services for leisure and business travelers, groups or individuals looking for a unique and unforgettable Slovenia experience. We are dedicated to serve excellence.

  • Complete transportation services (private and/or group)
  • Accommodation
  • Dynamic sports programs
  • Custom tailored tours and activities
  • Spouse and family programmes as integral parts of conventions and seminars
  • Themed entertainment
  • Authentic local experiences
  • Wine & gourmet programs
  • Spa & health tours
  • Team-building activities
  • Attraction and show tickets
  • Personal or group guides
  • Uniformed supervisors
  • 24/7 local representative help

*We provide all the services above or just selected ones.

Outdoor sports specialist

We love sharing the knowledge of our country, respect for nature and passion for outdoor sports! Our goal is to introduce you, teach you and take you on a safe journey through exciting sports adventures!

Our instructors and guides in sports are licensed professionals with years of experience in specific sports fields. Many of them come from the lines of coaches and professional athletes. Our team is constantly trained and updating their skills, covering a vast area and levels of sports:

  • ski & snowboard school
  • sledding
  • snowshoeing
  • MTB tours
  • MTB park 
  • cycling tours 
  • hiking

*Beginner and advanced level courses are available as well as active day trips, short breaks or weekly holidays.