Looking for a perfect winter day for you and your co-workers? Our winter sports activities will keep you warm and active through these cold winter months! Our team-building programs are based on attractive “outdoor team-building concepts”, where the physical level of the participants and the individuals’ specific knowledge of certain sports disciplines do not really count. A major role represents teamwork, good communication, and team coordination.

General information

  • Winter programs: December-April
  • Location: we will find a perfect spot for your team in Slovenia!
  • Duration of an activity: a subject of the agreement with the customer
  • Activity type: winter team games, winter sports races, competition on snow bikes
  • The difficulty level of an activity: according to the customer’s request
  • Equipment needed: warm winter clothes (pants, parka, winter rubber shoes, gloves)

*Winter clothes are also available for hire.

*Other sports equipment needed for programs is included in the program price.

Below, you can choose the program that suits you the most, or we can also create a custom program especially for you.


The term Olympiad means, that there are as many sports as there are Olympic circles; Five. However, it consists of disciplines where prior sports knowledge won’t help. Participants are divided into small groups, who compete between themselves in several sports activities. The team building in the spirit of the Olympics requires trust, reliability and good organization skills of the people inside each team.


Our winter fun triathlon is a combination of sports activities and orientation run. It is up to each team to figure out how to complete each task. The faster, the better.


We load our sleds on the chairlift, we climb to the top of the mountain and then sled back down to the bottom of the chairlift. Participants must complete the performed tasks correctly from the start until the end of the trail. There are several possible descends to come down to the chairlift. We measure the best time performance and the highest number of successfully completed tasks.


Your playground is a mountain covered in snow. Participants decide to go on the golf expedition. There are several golf holes made up along the whole game polygon. The team that successfully puts the ball in the hole, gets a prize and can simply continue the polygon, without much hassle. In case of failure, the whole team bears the consequences. The additional task is much harder and can be only solved in a team spirit.


Treasure hunting is a unique game that combines the skills that are indispensable for any good team. You can decide between two thematic treasure hunting games: winter fairytale or discovering Ljubljana. This is an activity where the dynamics, consistency, and team skills are the most important. Strategic thinking of tasks is also very important. Through the labyrinth of various tasks on the marked location (in the unspoiled nature or in the city), the teams will find their way to the hidden treasure.


A little different type of usual cycling that is safe and fun. The group receives precise instructions from our guide for each task individually. Tasks must be performed correctly from the start until the end. We measure the best time performance and the highest number of successfully completed tasks. Only the fastest and the most successful team wins!


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How do I make a RESERVATION?

Each of our clients is unique and requires individual treatment. After the agreement of the chosen activity, we will develop an individual itinerary, according to the number of participants and the time available. Contact us and we will be happy to answer any of your concerns and provide additional information. Also, for more specific information and prices, send a message to info@label.si.